Spring Fever & Smoot’s Easter Wreath Workshop

Although I find every season irreplaceable, spring is by far my favorite. These warmer days have me anxiously anticipating those once dormant buds bursting open with new life, the daffodils and tulips and pastel blossoms blanketing the trees. After a season of snow, ice and unwelcoming weather, spring never ceases to amaze me. It’s a welcome reminder of how resilient life can be.

All that said, it takes some patience too! Spring fever usually hits me early. As soon as the snow melts I’ve already planned the garden and am ready to start planting seeds. But cold spells are commonplace on the Palouse and I have to remind myself that the transition to spring takes time.

Cue: statice.

Statice (Limonium sinatum) is my perfect antidote to spring fever. These showy flowers are not only beautiful in summer gardens, but they hold their color for seasons to come. If kept out of direct sunlight, their pigmented calyxes (the growth structure that encases the true petals) will stay vibrant for years.

Every time I take a peak at my stash I think: SPRING! The pastel pinks, purples and yellows are as colorful as they were coming out of the field. And they’re one of my favorite dried flowers to use in wreaths.

All this goes to say that I’m super excited to lead another wreath workshop next month. Join us at the Spiral Rock Vineyard on April 11th from 1-4pm. We’ll be crafting gorgeous wreaths just in time for Easter.

Hand pick your materials from Smoot’s collection of dried flowers and herbs as well as other Easter themed materials. Channel your inner robin and craft a nest for miniature eggs or choose from an assortment of ribbons. All materials and instruction is provided.

Tickets are $45 for a 12″ wreath or $70 for an 18″ wreath. Your ticket includes a complimentary glass of Spiral Rock wine or kombucha, all materials and a translucent door hanger for you to showcase your work.

If you’d like to join us, contact us here to reserve your seat.

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