Established in 2019, Smoot’s Flavor Farm is a one acre piece of a larger family farm on the Palouse. Rooted at the base of Smoot Hill–about 10 miles north of Pullman, Washington–this woman-owned and operated business produces naturally grown flavor for direct markets and the local community.

We specialize in culinary and tea herbs, from the classics like oregano, basil and mint to hard-to-find rarities like epazote, anise hyssop and fenugreek. Learn more about where we sell here.

We are proud to announce the completion of our licensed food processing facility. We’re excited to start dehydrating our herbs on-site in this food-safe facility and will have dried goods to offer starting in 2022!

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Founded on flavor, we are an advocate for inspired home-cooking. Incorporating herbs into your kitchen routine is a great way to make the most of seasonal produce and simple ingredients. Visit our blog for recipes and inspiration.


To ensure the highest quality and flavor, all our herbs are grown naturally without chemical inputs. We use certified Organic compost and practice no-till production to feed and protect our soil microbiome. Although Smoot’s is not yet certified Organic (it takes time), we practice organic methods and only use organic inputs.

Our herbs are grown with utmost care and we strive for a healthy and balanced agro-ecosystem. Learn more about our agricultural ethos here.

Second only to customer satisfaction, we steward our farm’s ecology by providing pollinator habitat, protecting our precious soil resources and offering our surplus production to local food pantries in Whitman County.

Lindsay Myron


Lindsay was raised in Pullman, Washington, where she grew up with a love of the outdoors. After some time away to attend Cornell University and work abroad, she settled back on the Palouse to be close to her family, community, and the region she calls home.

Passionate about environmental stewardship, she started Smoot’s Flavor Farm with a mission to grow the highest quality produce, diversify the farm, and share with the community the power of a good meal. She finds great joy in fostering flora, fauna, and family on this little piece of the Palouse.


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