Smoot’s Fresh Sheet

Our latest fresh-cut herbs and produce available for wholesale purchase. Amounts available are estimated, but please note they are subject to change based on demand.

TO ORDER: Please contact Lindsay Myron by email or through our website here. Please give at least 24 hours notice–thank you!

DELIVERY: Available Tuesdays or weekdays by special request. We are unable to deliver Wednesdays, but you can arrange to pick up at the Pullman Farmers Market.

PAYMENT: Cash or check upon delivery. Make checks payable to Smoot’s Flavor Farm. Electronic payments accepted by request.

Updated for: May 14th-20th, 2022


Chives, Garden

Hollow stems, light onion flavor. Flowers are budding, but not yet open.

Available: Endless supply

$5/4oz or $20/lbs


Loose leaf or bunched. Delicate sweet anise flavor, only available in spring!

Available: 4 lbs

$6/4 oz or $24/lbs


Fresh, citrusy, powerful and parsley-like flavor. Can be harvested with or without root (specify your preference when ordering)

Available: 8 oz

$6/4oz or $24/lbs

Fennel Frond

Licorice, anise flavor with vegetal notes. Pollen covered umbels available in summer (coming soon!).

Available: 1 lb

$5/4oz or $20/lbs

French Tarragon

Hints of bitterness and sweetness, licorice and vanilla. Minty, peppery, hay-like flavor begets both a warmth and coolness to a dish.

Available: 8 oz

$6/4oz or $24/lbs


Powerful flavor cross between celery and parsley with added dimensions of anise. Large hollow stems make clever straws for tomato-based beverages.

Available: 5 lbs

$5/4oz or $20/lbs


Classic spearmint and peppermint available loose leaf, short sprigs.

Available: Endless

$5/4oz or $24/lbs

Salad Burnet

Appealing fern-like leaf with upfront clean, crisp cucumber notes and slightly nutty flavor.

Available: 4-6 oz

$6/4 oz or $24/lbs

Orange Thyme

Forward orange-citrus aroma. Earthy, minty and orange-citrus flavor lacks bitterness.

Available: 2 lbs

$7/4oz or $27/lbs


Classic and essential.  Earthy, minty, pungent with sharp grass, wood and floral notes.

Available: 2 lbs

$7/4oz or $27/lbs


Green garlic is available upon request.

$4 / lbs

Dandelion Greens

Young growth, bitter and peppery.

Available: 1 lbs



Ruby red stems and a tart flavor reserved for spring.

Available: 15 lbs

$6 / lbs

Turkish Rocket

A perennial brassica with a pungent mustard-broccoli flavor. Leaves are eaten raw or cooked.

Tasty budding flower heads (now available!) resemble broccoli rabe.

Available: 3 lbs (bunched leaves) & 1 lb (rabe florets)

$6 / lbs

Our herbs and produce are all spray free and grown naturally.

Fresh spearmint
Fresh chervil