Smoot’s Fresh Sheet

Our latest fresh-cut herbs and produce available for wholesale purchase. Amounts available are estimated, but please note they are subject to change based on demand.

TO ORDER: Please contact Lindsay Myron by email or through our website here. Please give at least 24 hours notice–thank you!

DELIVERY: Available Thursdays or weekdays by special request. We are unable to deliver Wednesdays, but you can arrange to pick up at the Pullman Farmers Market.

PAYMENT: Cash or check upon delivery. Make checks payable to Smoot’s Flavor Farm. Electronic payments accepted by request.

Updated for: October 4th-10th, 2022


Basil, Thai, Tulsi and Lemon

Thai basil has a deep anise flavor and warmth with beautiful purple flower stalks. Tulsi basils tastes ‘s flavor is similar to cloves and anise with a hint of mint with a slight peppery note. Lemon basil is bright and citrusy, an absolute delight.

Available: Thai – 1 lbs, Tulsi – 2lbs, Lemon 6-8 oz

$7/4 oz or $27 / lbs

Chives, Garlic

Flat leaf, pronounced garlic flavor. Edible white flower heads beginning to open.

Available: 3 lbs

$5/4oz or $20/lbs

Chives, Garden

Hollow stems, light onion flavor.

Available:1 lbs

$5/4oz or $20/lbs

French Tarragon

Hints of bitterness and sweetness, licorice and vanilla. Minty, peppery, hay-like flavor begets both a warmth and coolness to a dish. Starting to flower but still fragrant and flavorful.

Available: 1 lbs

$6/4oz or $24/lbs


More slender stalks than typical store bought lemongrass, but exceptionally fragrant and flavorful. Delivered with blades attached.

Available: 1 lbs

$8/4 oz or $27 / lbs


Milder cousin to oregano. Warm, earthy, a little bitter. See also, sweet marjoram. Starting to flower, but still fragrant and flavorful.

Available: 2 lbs

$5/4oz or $20/lbs


Classic spearmint. Spearmint is flowering.

Available: Endless

$5/4oz or $24/lbs


Pungent, powerful, spicy, slightly sweet and bitter.  Notes of camphor, citrus and pine. Starting to flower, but still fragrant and flavorful.

Available: 2 lbs

$6/4oz or $24/lbs


Italian flat leaf or curled varieties. Clean, peppery, essential flavor.

Available: 2-3 lbs

$5/4oz or $20/lbs


Strong, pungent and highly aromatic. Flavors evoke lemony-pine, peppery, minty and sage-like qualities.

Available: 8 oz

$8/4oz or $27/lbs

Summer Savory

Pungent, peppery, of-the-Earth flavor.

Available: 8 oz

$6/4oz or $24/lbs


Classic and essential.  Earthy, minty, pungent with sharp grass, wood and floral notes.

Available: 4-8 oz

$8/4oz or $27/lbs



Fruity like rhubarb, tart like lemon, herby like basil.

Available: 4 lbs

$3 / lbs (unwashed bunch)


Whole flowering heads, delivered on stalk in water.

Available: 30-40 heads

$0.75 each


Valery Red. Red fingerling with deep red skin, yellow flesh with shallow eyes.

Available: 8 lbs

$3 / lbs


Chesnok Red: hardneck variety. The best roasting garlic out there. Beautiful purple striped skins yield several large cloves with a warm, nutty flavor when roasted.

Available: 1 lbs

Mild French: Softneck variety with good storage. Full-flavored musky character that’s not too bold for raw use.

Available: 3 lbs

Greg’s Red: Versatile flavor that is mild enough for raw use, but hearty and robust when cooked.

Available: 2 lbs

$1 / head or $9 / lbs

Our herbs and produce are all spray free and grown naturally.

Fresh spearmint
Fresh chervil