Smoot’s U-Pick CSA 2023

How to Get to Smoot’s Flavor Farm

Our address is 6091 Palouse Albion Rd (Pullman). From Pullman, it’s easiest to drive first to Albion. Once in Albion, turn right onto Main Street and follow it until it turns into gravel and becomes Palouse Albion Rd. Continue on Palouse Albion Rd for about 1.5 miles. As you descend a hill and the road takes a hard right, our farm and house will be on your left. Our black mailbox is labeled “6091”

Once you’ve entered our driveway, veer left and you will see our house on the left and our larger family farm’s shops and outbuildings on the right. You can park along the asphalt between our house and our chicken coop (it’s bright pink, you can’t miss it). Please keep the gravel driveway clear, as there are large farm vehicles making the rounds.

In the image below, the red arrow shows where to pull in and park. The yellow line is the path you can walk out to the Flavor Farm.

Most of you have met our dog, Nox. He’s very friendly, but very barky. You will become good friends if you play fetch with him, but please don’t try to take a stick or ball out of his mouth—that’s his favorite game and he almost always wins.

What’s Growing This Season

Below is a basic map of the Flavor Farm this season. There are 15 beds on the farm and each will be labeled. Some crops are grown in rows, others are grown in blocks.

Perennial herbs are colored green, annual herbs are colored yellow. There are also spices, root crops, newly establishing crops, cover crops and some vegetables that are colored in red. Anything green or yellow you are welcome to harvest. Those colored red, I ask that you leave be.

If this map is overwhelming, then don’t worry about it. I will be posting field signs to help you identify different herbs in the field. Signs will be posted when herb crops are ready to be harvested, so:

If you see its sign, you’re welcome to harvest it.

Harvesting Your Share

Please plan on bringing your own scissors or gardening shears. I also recommend you bring a little jar or cup to carry your herbs home with you.

There is a frost-free water faucet next to my processing kitchen (large gray shipping container near the chicken coop). You are welcome to fill your jar with water to keep your herbs fresh.

A week’s share is about a handful of herbs or what would fit in a pint mason jar. Y’all know and I’m not fussed. Take whatever assortment you fancy.

If you’re gone a week, feel free to take more the next week. 😀

I plan to send out an email each week letting you know what’s available.

Other Things

  • For food safety reasons, there are not pets allowed on the Flavor Farm. Please leave your pets at home or in your car.
  • We have living pathways on the farm, so you will see grass (and other things) growing between beds. Don’t worry, you’re not trampling anything. I try to keep them well-mowed.
  • If you ever want a tour or have any questions, shoot me an email or send me a text!
  • I hope to have other produce and eggs available for sale throughout the season. I’ll let you know how that will work as it comes.

LINDSAY’S CELL: (509) 592-7841

Call or text if you have any questions. 🙂